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Why Basic Income? Why Basic Income?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm partial to like this video because I'm on a socialist kick these days, but this is a good intro to basic income. Although, if I do have to critique the video itself, I would have liked more specific examples of the benefits of basic income and counterarguments to the "humans are lazy" theory. How do the different forms of basic income work around the world? What can and can't the previously homeless man afford with basic income? I appreciate the additional resources in the author comments, but it's a fault to not have mentioned inflation and basic income

tldr; more examples and info in the actual video, please! Thank you

adamanimates responds:

It was originally much longer, but I decided it was more valuable as a shorter intro to the idea, and then people can branch off into the articles linked if they'd like more info. You're right that inflation is a major concern, but it's hard to get into all the economic arguments in a few sentences. If I had to sum it up in the video, I might have said that there's no evidence for people's fears. Most BI proposals aren't creating new money, they are distributing it via extra taxes on capital. I would argue that the increased economic activity from people finally being able to meet their needs would lead to more competition, and prices would stay similar.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hi, first time reviewer here

This piece has got great control of everything on the technical level - the psychic aesthetic uses vibrant, almost trippy colors, and the linework/shading are great, with room to improve (though that's true of everyone). The psychic stream on the left arm looks especially impressive!

My only qualm with the piece is the posing (though now looking at your profile description, you're probably already aware). The first thing I noticed was that Mob has clenched fists. In the context of him being an ESPer, clenched fists would be out of place, as he never really looks like he's physically struggling to use his powers, or at least in casual situations like this. The right hand having its palm side facing up and the sharply bent leg also look rather uncomfortable, making him look tense!

My recommendation would be to practice drawing characters in realistic, loose poses, perhaps taking extra care to study hands to eliminate any tendency to fall back on clenched fists

Good luck!

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VooDooDollMaster responds:

I drew clenched fists because thats how the reference I used was. And I didnt draw clenched fists to signify struggling. Also the leg on the left is supposed to be kinda going towards the back.